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Vantage. I should imagine in your mind of work. You're hiring practices, recruitment, lots of. Do you have to be to be here naturally, standard is beyond that to the common citizen. Professionals such as scientists and physicians were closely with the state to determine weeks, types of individuals, the most beneficial to society or would be most costly. And that type of state intervention has come to define this previous of eugenics and was characterized and most horrifically ration-, which was the holocaust. Even amongst your people, you must have varying levels of excellence. Occasionally, we've been forced to accept candidates with Mina shortcomings. Let's not seeing with prohibit someone from working views. Choose law enforcement three example now the the right kind. To warrant a new measuring stick thought is with mines to match essential as we push out. So you had these interventions where to stay kind of certain populations dates thought as the ones that we went to. These are people want to reproduce these people. We want our society and we tended to move away from that. Even those practice such as four Stiller's Asians, continue the United States up until the mid seventies some places. Professor Abbassi is referring to a nineteen, oh nine, California law, that authorized state homes and hospitals to sterilize patients, deemed unfit for reproduction approximately twenty thousand procedures were performed, and the law was repealed in nineteen seventy. Nine links are available on our website. What is often thought of as being a particular conversation around science and inherent ability is often shaped by or informed deeply by the kind of preconceived ideas of racial groups. It was largely racial minorities that were deemed to be unworldly. And therefore there was this kind of scientific conversation about the specific biological characteristics that made them unworthy. By student with the specialist skilled. It's a class for people on the autism spectrum to learn computer science. This is max student that was in the audience for the second screening of Gatica. I've seen Gatica before in my sophomore year of high school. Well, the film is supposed to be. It's a metaphor for discrimination. That's interesting to come back to watch it again. You know, in college with a fresh perspective, I've gotten more into disability activism considering I've gotten more in touch with my disability, which is autism. The kind of cure mentality can be more harmful to disabled. People then beneficial autism specifically. Had not be cured. It's with you since birth. And the only way to cure it's quote, unquote is to kill the autistic person. In congress, negligent positive. Jenex can't include practices that encouraged certain populations with what are perceived to be good, trace to reproduce a quick comment to pick up on the notion of how positive eugenics sometimes of subterranean feature of our consciousness that has to do with the fact that one in six couples approximately is infertile. And so in that large population of people who would like to have fertility, there is actually a commercial interest in this topic, and there is a stratification system with respect to women's aches, and you can go online and you can see if you're a Princeton graduate. You can command about thirty thousand dollars per ache if you're from community college. So the more like fifteen, maybe twelve thousand and high school graduates don't even get to buy. Positive, unites game clues about, for example, some of the things we saw early twentieth century where, for example, that were better baby contests and you had public health, social welfare officials going into white communities in teaching parts is about how to maintain clean hygienic environments, how to make sure to engage in practices that would keep the infant mortality rates down. Inside a crime laboratory at night. Medical examiner's, collect evidence from the mission directors legend head on their way out. Cops leave their vacuum sample collectors on a stand nearby genetic, analyze our sucks out the collected samples, identifying their origins on a screen overhead. The screen flips through a parade of valid Gatica employees before stopping on an old ID photo of a bespectacled Vincent, which is labeled invalid and an unauthorized specimen. Interventions where to stay kind of identifying certain populations dates thought as the ones that we went to promote. These are people who want to reproduce. These are the people. We want to be part of our society and making choices to make sure that these folks we produce aren't healthy and are vibrant, and things were other populations are contained segregated, and many times killed excluded. Jannik as it's being practiced right now is practiced most assiduously most aggressively in this what I call the procreative process. But we don't have very many regulations or protocols about doing it. And it is driven primarily through the technology companies and it's market driven at this point. So it's the traits that we test for and we look for that are determined by commerce. For those people who are engaged newer technology such as screening embryos in prices summit to that, they tend to say that, well, these technologies are not eugenic because this is not the state being involved in these practices. Rather these are individual families making choices about what type of family they wanna have, not every family has the resources to support somebody disabilities, even that he's still my what have a child. If there are certain disabilities that can be avoided through some type of genetic screening where other type of intervention that will allow families to be able to form and exist without the dishes cost burden.

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