Conservative Bill Kristol brings his never-Trump message to New Hampshire


All right we're back and i'm glad i'm kind of glad we put this one behind the pay wall because i have to criticize bill kristol and i really like bill kristol personally you bill kristol was a professor of mine for summer in dc and i like him very much personally very nice guy these tweets though these you know i've held off long enough these tweets bill kristol tweeted the other day said quote one striking contrast between reagan and trump reagan's conservatism was a youthful movement in spirit and often in fact fueled by hopefulness for the future trump's conservatism as a reactionary movement of older americans fueled by anger and fear you know i've always been an old soul i guess i guess i've always been an old silicon konya west maybe is very old to maybe candice oh and charlie kirk or they all old all all of the youtube people who are they all really old is that it i don't think so i i don't think that's true at all in fact i think the oldest trump supporter i know is andrew claybin and he behaves like a younger man than i do the the latest i ever stay out when i go out at night is when i'm hanging out with drew the trump movement is a youthful movements energizer and its exuberant donald trump one more millennials than john mccain or mitt romney and don't trump did just fine with the utes you know i i worry i fear without descending into psychobabble that bill kristol might be projecting here angry old fearful i don't know does that describe kanye west or does that describe president trump's detractors ronald reagan's movement was youthful that's absolutely true ron.

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