Moses Farrow defends father Woody Allen, claims mother Mia Farrow was abusive


Something that broke yesterday which i found absolutely fascinating and then i sent it to you fascinating riveted moses farrow who is the adopted son of mia farrow and woody allen wrote a blog post and he has been completely silent about the whole woody allen sexual abuse accusations of his daughter dylan not a peep from him not a years and he got sick and tired of being quiet and decided to present his side of the story and so she was in me as apartment when woody would come by but he never had a relationship with soon ye as she was growing up in fact it was mia who convinced him when sunni was twenty that maybe they should start spending some time together yes so she was older i mean he was a lot older and it was it was a weird unconventional relationship but it wasn't from what he says a father daughter relationship that was a surprise to me because you know the kind of general knowledge about this whole thing is that he ended up marrying his adopted daughter wow used his relationship with soon ye to somehow link together the fact that he's clearly a sexual predator and abused their daughter dylan when in fact it it's it's utterly absurd when you look at the time line and it makes perfect sense the way that moses lays out this time line a nineteen ninetytwo mia farrow wrote an affidavit to the courts to allow woody to officially adopt moses and dylan and at that point she wrote this glowing affidavit saying what do y'all is he's the best father he's like fantastic i really want him to be the official adopted father of these two kids and they were married they weren't married and so he was able to adopt them and just a few months after that a few months after that is when his relationship was suny was discovered by nia she lost her mind fight about the custody and and how often he would have visitation over those two kids everybody like her to nannies and her children were told when woody allen comes to visit never ever ever let him alone with dylan and so no one did and that's when she insists the abuse took place which is just not possible and moses was on the i mean he said that he was because he was seven at the time and he said that will ronin who was his name was satchel his name size original name was satchel he was four and ronin at four years old was told i mean i i won't this is one thing that stands out to me he was told i can't say it on the air he he he he was told your your dad is bleeping your sister account she abused the kids that she adopted that had disabilities and and he also physically abused him

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