Fox, Gotti and John Kelly discussed on New Hampshire Today


Earlier this week is the president made clear you know this this will only end like the libyan model ended if kim jong un doesn't make a deal libya's dictator was forced out years after he gave up his nuclear weapons this from the north korean viceforeign minister quote i cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing out from the mouth of the us vice president we will neither beg the us for dialogue nor take the trouble to persuade them if they do not want to sit together with us fox's todd pyro all this is the trump administration still preps for june twelfth meeting in singapore between kim jong hoon and the president who says it might not happen now what president trump called spy gate gets a lot of attention today in washington with two meetings republican lawmakers have demanded to get access to classified info about the fbi trump investigation and if the campaign was infiltrated if so the president says it would be illegal and unprecedented the first meeting which is requested by house chairman says and trae gatty takes place at noon that includes original participants fbi director chris wray denies dan coats deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and chief of staff john kelly but a second meeting was added after democrats complained which gotti welcomed as long is no leaks that's fox's griff jenkins several democrats will be at that second meeting including house minority leader nancy pelosi there shouldn't be a republican bring thing i've never seen anything like this this is highly unusual democrats have complained the republicans are trying to undermine the special counsel's investigation no tweets from the white house this morning that after a federal judge ruled president trump is violating the first amendment blocking critics on twitter this is fox news fair and balanced buying.

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