Boston, Red Sox and President discussed on The News with Gene Valicenti


New england is edging closer to selling itself off to boston based partners healthcare that deal now has the blessing of brown university as wpro's paul zangari report to hospital groups inking a deal that subject to regulatory okay means partners would acquire care new england the ceo of the group currently operating butler kenton women and infants dr james finale tells wpro's dan york that partners which operates mass general brigham and women's is a firstclass operation talk about the size apartments but i don't think anyone would have checked back there highest ranked academic medical care institutions in the world not the country the world's the process of regulators in both states approving the deal is expected to take several months paul zangari wpro finally conservative commentator tommy laron says she is disheartened and embarrassed not broken after someone threw water on her at a minneapolis restaurants news contributor told fox and friends that she was eating sunday brunch with parents and a group of people thought it would be funny to throw water and chant profanities president trump tweeted supportive laron calling herron outstanding and respected young woman wbz sports the celtics have pushed the king and the cavaliers to the brink ninety six eightythree pivotal game five win at the garden in boston red sox now up a game and a half on the yankees they scored three times in the ninth inning in four two one win over the race at the trump yankees

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