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In tennessee evening cookeville myself for like seventy thousand yeah right the house that we live and if you bought it in like a smaller town like salona it might be worth yeah i mean this whole this house needs lowered a lot of work done yeah i mean i like this house but yes it does just it it's old i should unto anyway so yeah that yeah it's insane how much more expensive it is just a live out here for sure but again as long as i just had some level of confidence that i could pay that you know what i mean that it wouldn't be a problem by that i mean just live comfortably here wherever wherever it is that we want to live that's really all care about okay why are we talking about money because i was just thinking the other day about greed and everything and i think that obviously it's not universal or anything clearly but like i've always thought that growing up super poor is lack growing up with a parent that's an alcoholic or whatever in that i feel like it typically has one of you go one of two ways which is like you either end up alcoholic tove or you just don't hardly drink at all if it all right yeah you know just don't want nothing to do with it i

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