John Boehner says 'There is no Republican Party. There's a Trump party'


Imported steel and aluminum have been announced by the trump administration for those goods imported from the european union canada and mexico douglas georges consul general of canada in detroit just a little bit flabbergasted that the us has claiming this is for national security issues we are your closest friend partner in ally we have jointly protected this continent through norad for more than sixty years in fact this is the sixtieth anniversary canada is the nation's largest single supplier of steel accounting for seventeen percent of all steel imports while mexico is fourth at nine percent at the mackinac policy conference former speaker of the house john bainer during a keynote address on thursday gave president donald trump a lot of credits for the policies he's putting forth that's after you quotes peel away the noise and the tweets donald trump who i know well was one of my supporters when i was speaker zebina rough wig trump and call me batman aback germy up play a lot of golf together about president really i never quite saw this ads for the state of our political system bainer says quote there is no republican party there's a trump party the republican party is taking a nap somewhere a preliminary examination has been ordered for five young men and teens after a man was killed when a rock was thrown from a flint area highway overpass it struck the man's windshield the flint journal reports a judge set you lie sixteenth as the hearing for kyle anger mark sikorsky makita pain alexander miller and trevor gray they face second degree murder and other charges back in october a six pound rock was thrown onto i seventy five in vienna township it struck the van kenneth white was riding in there's a weed problem in south haven city officials have star a public education program as the japanese knotweed is popping up all over that city it'll choke off other plants in the area that's what it'll do it'll just take over so it looks actually when you see it it looks innocent enough it looks like kind of bamboo some of the larger ones but you won't see much of anything else growing underneath it public works director bill hunter doesn't know how that we'd landed in south haven he advises residents to get professional help to treat that we'd and get rid of it and unearthing a.

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