Israel says Palestinian attacker shot dead in West Bank



But a bad week for people living near the killer whales volcano in hawaii another three dozen homes destroyed by lava that raises the total to two eighty seven that have been burned hawaii's counties hawaii county's civil defense administrator talmadge mug no says the deadline has passed for the mandatory evacuation of several neighborhoods near the volcano if there is an incident where we're gonna go to search and rescue and it's too hazardous for fire rescue or any of our respondents to go in there we're not going to require them to go in there which means for those who stay help may not come if they need it israel's military says it is shot and killed a palestinian who tried to run over troops in the west bank this follows a veto friday by the united states of a un resolution that would have blamed israel for the violence along the gaza strip us un ambassador nikki haley says the resolution got it exactly backwards the terrorist group hamas bears primary responsibility for the awful living conditions in gaza yemeni officials say heavy fighting friday between pro government forces and iran backed shiite rebels has killed at least twenty eight people the civil war in yemen has now killed more than ten thousand people over the last three years i'm jack callaghan fox news radio fox on phil michelle pollino address star shading woodley in truelife story of the survival of young couple whose chance encounter love of the leads them i love and then on the adventure of a lifetime degree five they face one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in history is your red pill or blue pill moment my american animals for young men mistake their lives for movie and attempt one of the most dangerous highs in us history looking for the guys who murdered my wife and upgrade technology pretty much controls all aspects of life in the near future for one gray is self identified technophobe has his world turned upside down the only hope for revenge is to have an experimental computer chip implanted in make him unstoppable in lou and finally an action point johnny knoxville returns to the big screen as daredevil who designs and operates his own theme park this friend that's fox on film on five fifty to sixty s.

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