2018 NBA Finals: Warriors survive Cavs, win Game 1 despite LeBron James' 51-point effort


David got better mcclellan thanks style john as ruben the owner mike okay i can't the world more dangerous mourning sorta breakfast clubs charlemagne god angelina dj envious within a vacation he's working country took the day off so on a beautiful friday all right now let's talk about last night last night was the first game of the fine nba finals and the golden state warriors beat the cavaliers a one twenty four to one fourteen in overtime a lot of people are of course blaming jr smith because it didn't even have to go into overtime i cannot believe the golden state warriors did not think jr smith in in the post conference after the game they should stink jr smith awesome if they would not have won that game what they are smith says happened retired you didn't think you know a new retired has just about those on call timeout because they've got the river like you said to a lot of thought we were our head out to the ball clearly you only manage aerosmith view cleveland cavaliers fan i'm not a cleveland cavaliers fan so i'm not mad at y'all smith in fact i want to drop bombs to jail smith the dead man made me laugh last night and you know i love to laugh all right well here's what the head coach tyron lou had to say about the game he thought it was over thought it was over one i think joe smith does move like he's burnt out you know you're not you meet one of those people who've been on some type of smoking weed for so long i've been on some type of drug for so long it don't seem like nothing's daily just burnt out data he ex i right now family and florida is heartbroken jerry awarded them just four dollars in damages where funeral expenses and pain and suffering now in this case county deputy fatally shot a father of three through his garage door they were responding to a noise complaint and they showed up and that's when gregory hill junior who was only thirty years old open the garage door.

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