Congress faces immigration showdown, tension over tariffs


The secretary of defense james mattis back from singapore overnight were the upcoming north korea summit was a key focus mattis his counterparts from across the globe that he anticipates the road ahead for negotiations with north korea will be bumpy at best madison also warned defense officials from south korea and japan that the us and its allies need to keep the pressure on peon yankees garrett tenny in the house a showdown over immigration as congress returns today texas republican congressman will hurt says it's time for votes to move forward on immigration and he says his party has the numbers to make that happen heard believes if he can get the democratic support he can force a vote by the end of june fox's grenell scott senate republicans meanwhile trying to put the brakes on a trade war effort the president's decision to slap import tariffs on close allies reports gregory portland's new fan one hundred point five and newstalk am thirteen ten with your local w l o v update at the bottom of the hour it's monday june fourth forecast rainy and windy today high temperatures low fifty s tonight rainy and windy with the lows the mid forties is what's happening portland police have i need a softball woman who died saturday night after her a t v hit a tree in north deering twenty six year old shelby peters of soko died at maine medical center as the result of injuries according to police peters was operating her atv around ten pm when it crashed into a tree at the intersection of summit street and curtis road lieutenant robert martin of the portland pd said the accident remains under investigation anyone who witnessed the crash is asked to call the portland vp a man is killed inside a springvale neighbourhood hood.

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