DA candidate says cop killers shouldn't get death penalty


Candidate for contra costea contra costa county district attorney said during a forum this week that he wouldn't seek the death penalty against defendants who've killed a police officer because quote it's part of the risks they take whoa contra kosti that's up in sacramento area that's where the golden state killer very prolific northern california the comments by attorney lawrence strauss one of the three candidates in the june da election were promptly slammed by the local police union president one of whom said that strauss's named shouldn't even be on the ballot strauss was responding to a question during an april twenty four th forum at the leicester center in walnut creek which ashtros interim da diana becton and senior deputy district attorney paul graves if they would seek the death penalty against cop killers of the three strauss was the only one to give a direct answer he began his comments by saying that when an officer is murdered it affects not only as family but a nationwide network of police officers he added however that people who kill single officers shouldn't be death penalty eligible quote i feel sorry for the officer it's part of the risks they take is being an officer of the law he said he added that he trained police officers as a prosecutor in hawaii and always told them to approach every traffic stop with caution because someone could pull a gun at any time contra costa county sheriff sergeant sean welch president of the agency's officer union called the comments archaic and extremely inappropriate answer dickey's it really is stupid but it's precisely that reason why you should seek the death penalty if a cop gets killed how about those officers in palm springs who were responding to a police call and they were shot through a door they didn't even have a fighting chance they're just they're doing their job they ring the doorbell ding dong bang bang and one of them are just had a baby i mean their life was just starting the whole thing is just i don't like to just the police are there to serve and protect us and they're so important in our society and keeping a saint society at a justice iety and.

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