Woman eaten alive by scabies in Georgia nursing home


And twenty three and me deny sharing genetic information with police investigators use dna to tie joseph diangelo to a dozen murders and closer fifty rapes and break ends across california genetic material from the crime scene was referenced against genealogy databases until an exact match was located abc's brad garrett a former fbi agent he says some states allow police to use these types of resources law enforcement has to have permission to do it and there are ten states california being one of them those where the state has authorized law enforcement to do these type of dna searches at least eight states at this point allow officials to search private genetic databases a firestorm has erupted in one virginia community following the publishing of an ad for the kkk outrage in colonial beach virginia after the community newspaper called the westmoreland news printed a frontpage recruitment ad for the ku klux klan shocked police chief danny plot contacted the editor shakes playing that she wanted to put it in there to show people that those of us in colonial beach virginia and the nation who think there's not racism there is plot says the editor never expected the outcry the paper did run a disclaimer saying it in no way supports the ku klux klan or what it stands for jim chrysalis cbs news and a warning now to the listener this next story contains some graphic details a pathologist says a woman who died at a georgia nursing home was eaten alive ninety three year old rebecca sunny died from escapees infestation scabies are small mites borrow into flesh lay eggs and feed stay health officials were notified several times about scabies at that nursing home but no action was taken right now it is estimated that hundreds of millions of mites.

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