Here's who is attending the White House Correspondents' dinner


Depends a little bit on what we see throughout the rest of this year but there's no question that things are trending in the direction of democrats that they look to be in a position to pick up seats maybe a good number of seats in in the house and and potentially even pick up the senate so it's a challenging time for republicans and for small government conservatives for the president's if the house flips what does that mean for the remainder of his tenure good question i mean i don't think that there's much deflector to get done legislatively the rest of this year while the brothers and has majorities in both the house and the senate certainly if democrats take the house that will come finding to all any progress going to congratulate you all because democrats just have very little political incentive to work with the president particularly given the fact that his approval rating is stuck somewhere near forty so i think it makes it very very difficult the big question will be whether democrats want to push forward and try to a beach the president there's a split in the democratic party about that nancy pelosi is expressed some skepticism of it the the left wing of the democratic party really wants to push forward on that and i think you'd see a big bloody fight on the democratic side take the house on that question steven hayes editor weekly standard also frequent fox news.

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