Many Iranians reportedly killed in missile strike in Syria

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Service it comes to you live from london today we'll have the latest on reports from syria that missile strikes on a government military base have killed at least twenty six people that's our top story today also an opioid crisis in nigeria so why are people finding it so easy to get their hands on the drugs and at least twenty five people are dead after a double bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul today will hear about one of them but i was a great photographer good friend a family man he left behind six children he was happy face always had a smile on his face and willing to help everybody stay with us for those stories and more coming up this hour we begin with syria riven by conflict over the last seven years and increasingly a country at the center of what could be described as a mini world war with the russians and iranians on the ground supporting president assad and western including us support for some opposition groups throw into that mix israel concerned most about iran and its influence in syria and elsewhere in the region a concern fully vocalized by the new us secretary of state mike pompeo who is in the region overnight there was a significant missile attack on a number of military sites in northern syria with unconfirmed reports of thousands of fatalities no one's claimed responsibility but the syrian military said facilities in hama and aleppo provinces were strong so what do we know amos hurrell is a senior defense analyst at the israeli newspaper haaretz as far as we can tell yesterday nights the warmer a.

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