Iran and Other Enemies Are Watching the Biden Admin's Vulnerabilities


I think Iran and all of our enemies are watching Ukraine right now and are drawing lessons about the infirmities of the Biden administration in response to the Ukraine attack. Do you believe that our enemies around the world are watching right now? What we do, Vis-à-vis Ukraine's vulnerability. They're absolutely watching. Just as they watched our ignominious surrender and botched withdrawal in Afghanistan. And then in some cases, in the case of the Chinese Communist Party, explicitly used it as a propaganda weapon in order to weaken the resolve of some of our allies and cause them to question America's willingness to fight and alongside them and defend their interests as well as our own interests. So absolutely they're watching. And as it pertains to Iran, something to watch, it really concerns me, if you follow the Iranian press, there's been some gloating coming out of the regime right now, which suggests to me that there may be an interim agreement half resuscitation of the JCPOA that we can expect soon, which would be an absolute disaster. Another tranche of trillions of billions of dollars in sequestered funds. And Wendy Sherman's going to blame Donald Trump for that.

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