Glenn Youngkin's Victory Was a Massive Win Against the Regime


Now because of the lockdowns that society decided to enact as a response to the Chinese Fauci coronavirus, parents across the country for the first time decided to get engaged and get involved in school board, races and elections over the last year. This is part of the rise of the citizen. 2021 did not have many elections, but there was one in particular the start of the surface as a potential climax as a potential testing point of all these different political trends that we started to see in April and May and June of last year. Businessman Glenn youngkin was running for governor of Virginia. He was running up against Clinton operative and former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, and Glenn youngkin was down nearly double digits in the polls, 12 to 15 points, some polls had him down. It seemed as if Terry McAuliffe was going to have an easy waltz to the governorship. There was no questions asked and Republicans would lose yet again in the ever increasing blue state of Virginia. Of course, moms and dads rose up in record numbers. Loud and county was tighter than ever before. The strong conservative areas got behind and junkin was elected governor of Virginia. Now we celebrated that victory that night. We did a whole live stream that evening. It was a massive win against the regime. It was a win for parents, the parents party that has ever increasing and strengthening in numbers. It was a win for those of us that care for educational mobility and school choice, vouchers, and especially the fight against critical race

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