The Left's Lawless Immigration Policies


So I want to talk about three small wins and I also want to talk about a very telling admission by Mallorca himself. So here's the first win and that is that the big uproar about all those Haitians who were descending on American shores. Obviously, these are not people at the southern border. They're showing up from Haiti. And they're showing up because the estes poverty in Haiti, but there's poverty in many parts of the world. Our immigration policies are not based upon your poor, therefore you have a right to come to America. So here were the Haitians and they were basically being seen on mosque coming across the southern border huge public relations scandal horrific images for Americans. Who are these people and even though the Biden administration tried to turn the tables? Look at these Texas Rangers rounding them up on horseback cowboy style. Nevertheless, the Biden people realized this is a very serious problem, and so they began to then deport the Haitians. Expelling thousands of them in sending them back home where they, of course, belonged. Victory number one. Here's victory number two the Biden administration as I mentioned on this podcast a couple of times was getting ready was on the verge of making gigantic financial settlements to families that said, oh, we were families who were separated at the border, even if the separations were brief, even if they were temporary. Oh, they were so traumatic. Why not use to this at all? This is emotional hardship and pain. We need to be paid $450,000 each. Not even for family. Per person. And the biodiversity was like, oh, yeah, you know, this song's reasonable. Yeah, yeah, I think giving family is taking taxpayer money and giving America Mexican families a $1 million here a $1 million there so they can basically go hit the Mexican casinos. They thought this was kind of a fair settlement. Well, once again, the public outrage over this. Made it impossible politically for them to go forward with this. And so they have ended those court negotiations over these financial compensation, victory number two. Victory number three is a court victory coming out of Texas and Texas. I have to say, has been the center of the resistance to Biden's immigration policies just a flurry of lawsuits filed by taxes really by attorney general, Ken Paxton, who's been on the show, and this is forced Biden to reimpose, even though not fully Trump's remain in Mexico policy. It's even forced Biden to continue some border wall construction, which is to say to close some gaps in the wall not to build new sections of the wall which they flatly refuse to do, but at least to patch up the wall in places where they were sort of gaping holes. Now, let me turn to the statement by orcas. We have fundamentally changed immigration enforcement in the interior for the first time ever our policy explicitly states that a non citizens unlawful presence in the United States will not by itself be a basis for the initiation of an enforcement action. Now this I think is really significant, you've got a top Biden official basically saying, it is our stated policy that we will not enforce the law. If you've got a guy in the United States illegal, you know, he's illegal. He admits he's illegal. But he doesn't have other violations. He's not a gang member. He doesn't have a criminal record. He's just an illegal. Not by itself, is not sufficient to initiate return or deportation proceedings. So what we have here is a truly lawless administration in the clinical sense of the term, there is a law system says if you don't like a law try to change it, they can change the law they're using the technique of quote enforcement to say, we're going to enforce it here, but not over there in effect what they're saying is we're going to at least in these important respects,

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