US climate pledge faces test in Senate with global impact


The United States international climate pledges facing a test in the Senate that will have global influence after United Nations climate talks in Scotland the buy did ministration faces the test of a filling promises to invest for a new era of clean energy the house passed a roughly one point eight five trillion dollars social policy climate bill Friday including five hundred fifty five billion for cleaner energy but the bill must quiz through the Senate by the narrowest of margins to get past climate scientist an energy analyst Zeke house father says that modeling by researchers at Princeton University and elsewhere fine said of Biden's package passes the U. S. will still miss the target of cutting fossil fuel emissions in half by the end of this decade by about five percent if the bill fails entirely that falls to twenty percent house mother says market forces making renewable energy ever cheaper will help carry that it states a lot of the way but it will be harder for the US to convince other countries like China and India to follow through on their climate commitments if we're unable to follow through on our own promises Jennifer king Washington

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