'People’s Convoy' Organizer Maureen Steele: People Starting to Roll In


It's pretty exciting here right now I just pulled into adelanto stadium and trucks are already here even though there is not scheduled to get here till noon time and even that's just starting to roll in So the fact that there's already about I don't know 30 trucks here It's pretty amazing So you guys are and ladies are ready to roll I mean this thing's happening here in the United States It's happening It's on right Oh it's on It's on and I said yesterday on another show that I have over 10,000 emails in my inbox with people calling America is ready for this They are excited People want to help They want to know where they can meet us We've got letters just hear it out of stadium just today The unity project who's helping us is taking in over $50,000 in cash and letters just from Americans dropping stuff off here and it hasn't even started yet just thanking us for doing this You know the hopes and dreams of every American goes with us when we roll out of here tomorrow with 11

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