Washington Post: Va. Gov. Youngkin’s Assertive First Week in Office Leaves Republicans Jubilant, Democrats Fuming


The new governor of Virginia ladies and gentlemen there was a piece of few days ago in the Washington compost by Gregory Schneider and Lara Vauxhall If that is her name the big unknown about governor Glenn youngkin as he ran for office last year apart from the exact size of his vast fortune Now keep in mind The Washington Post never supported this guy but look at the cheap shots apart from his vast fortune They don't care about how Hunter Biden made money as laptop how the bidens are ripped us off 31 million No no no no But Gregory and Lara which just how red the political newcomer really was behind that easygoing demeanor One week into his term mystery solved Young and stormed into Richmond just listened to the language He stormed in a Richmond with an assertion of executive power that is thrilled that GOP base But caught even some allies off guard and he's made clear that he views his two point margin of victory as a mandate for conservative change And Biden his mandate is what The 50 50 Senate three or four member lead in the I mean just listen to how these a holes talking right Republican lawmakers say they're energized by the fast start November's election was a call for change in the Commonwealth and like a lot of voters across Virginia I'm excited to see that our governor has hit the ground running on day one House majority leader Terry kilgore Republican of Scott Virginia said But already the new governor has drawn a lawsuit from parents and Chesapeake Gee over his executive order declaring an end to mass mandates and public schools that challenge led to him Friday issue and other statement which seemed to add to confusion about what will happen when his order takes effect Monday saying parents should listen to their principal and trust the legal process

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