Beekeepers turn to anti-theft technology as hive thefts rise


Beekeepers are turning to technology to stop a growing number of taps of hives in the past few weeks more than one thousand beehives worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been reported stolen in California our victim a couple weeks ago they've lost over a hundred fifty thousand dollars worth of these Thomas Hayes is with the yolo county sheriff's office clear counters apiaries have been hit she says beekeeping is a growing business people think they can make a quick easy back by stealing hives and putting them into pollination tightening supply of bees and soaring pollination fees are likely motivating beekeepers to go rogue and the speeds aren't outsiders you have to have specialized equipment it's not something that's a random act it's very calculated down to says it takes a year to make a healthy hive they're not easy to replace it because it's just really sad it's it's something that we you know we haven't laps even though we recovered a hive this is something that has just really shock us GPS tracking devices and surveillance cameras are being used to protect the heights I'm a Donahue

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