Kurt Schlichter: Remember, Stalin Had to Fight Ukraine for 10 Years


I've been saying for the first hour of the show I love your opinion on it I'm not sure Putin knows what he's in for here with a long-term occupation of a bunch of hard ass Ukrainians who aren't going to like the fact that you're sitting in with a tank on their corner Darren you are a serious man because you have hit on a real problem for Putin That is he may be like the dogs who catches the car as he chases His mechanized forces are designed to smash other military formations He will do that He will plow through the Ukrainian forces quickly And then he'll have a bunch of mechanized forces trying to occupy areas of the country while a lot of very tough Ukrainians With their rifles start attacking the backfield where a lot of his food sweat train conscript guys are They may have bought themselves a guerrilla war Keep in mind Stalin had to fight Ukrainian for ten years after recapturing Ukraine It wasn't until 1955 that he stamped out the gorillas there I think of it as Lord of the Rings Remember the dwarves The top is really smart and often drunk guys who love to fight That's Ukrainians

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