Sen. Ron Johnson Previews New Panel Called 'COVID-19: A Second Opinion'


You have been an open advocate for honesty when it comes to the whole Hunter Biden spygate debacle And one of the things I think now where your value added is really tremendous is on the COVID misinformation from the left You're hosting this COVID panel called the second opinion And you're going to have some medical experts These are people with documented bona fides out there And what are you going to talk about in this panel And how are we going to address this litany of misinformation COVID misinformation coming from the left By having an open discussion I mean that's where I found most appalling I may advocating for early treatment I've been completely agnostic in terms of what drugs But literally since March of 2020 why do not healthcare agencies robustly explore and research early treatment using cheap generic repurposed drugs widely available I mean there's a cornucopia of them It's not just one it's a multi drug therapy But they didn't They're focused on the vaccines And so anybody who had a different opinion And I'm 66 years old as long as I remember It's always been a really good thing if you had a serious medical condition Go seek a second maybe you can get a third opinion It's not been allowed I don't have a good explanation for it I have my suspicions Obviously all the drugs that are being recommended approved for use by the federal agencies are all the expense of ones by big pharma They've not really just ignored They sabotage They've trashed cheap generic drugs I can't explain it but what I do know is to date Two years in the pandemic NIH guidelines continues to be do nothing

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