Sen. Ron Johnson Confirms Another Re-Election Campaign


So you had some big news You're gonna run again Listen I know there's a couple golden opportunities coming up here in the election I know you had said you weren't gonna run You changed your mind I'm very happy about that What was it The mess we need to clean up there What changed your mind Yeah Democrat governance I mean in a nutshell when I ran in 2016 and I stated that intention it was trust me as my wife's very strong preference to serve a second term and go home But now it really does feel like this nation is being torn apart by the left And when you look at the disaster this Democrat governance the open borders the embarrassing dangerous threat in Afghanistan out of control spending sparking record and 40 year record highs and inflation And by the way we don't have kept release only on the southern border We also catch Ruiz in our criminal justice system You'll be able to see We have the tragedy that was the walk shot Christmas tree The little children see on the curbs trying to see Santa and because of Democrat governance and Democrat and Democrat government Milwaukee they'll let this murder out I think a $1000 bail killed 6 people each year more than 62 others That didn't have to happen It shouldn't have happened But that is that is the disaster that Democrat government So that's as I travel around the state I would just say identify so many people that are every bit as concerned about what's happening in this country And they were just strongly encouraging me Don't worry about that And what you said in 2016 we need your voice You're willing to speak the truth You will need to be attacked continue to keep speaking the truth And so that's what in the end this made me decide to not walk away I could walk away I didn't think I should

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