John Solomon Calls in to Discuss the Job Creators Network


I'm just talking a little about job creators network and this Kavanaugh deadline today. How do you read the tea leaves on this thing? Where's it going? Well, listen, first off, I better understand 30 years. And when I came to this town, there was only one small business lobby. It's called NFIB, the national federation of independent businesses and they have gone silent in the last 5 ten years. You don't see them here. And job creators network has become one of the most forceful voices in all of corporate America, but particularly for Main Street America in small business. So over the course of this year, they've done a lot of big things. They sued Major League Baseball to call attention to the economic losses from moving the All-Star Game to from Atlanta to Denver. They got involved in some of these mandates. And now with this particular mandate, the private businessman that they've gotten to the Supreme Court was one of the I think big challenges. And I think it's going to sound, is there in federal law, the capability for government on its own executive branch to impose upon business and requirements, they get their employees vaccinated. A lot of people that I've talked to legal experts both on the left and right think this is a dubious power that Biden has assumed. And so I think this court is going to look, it's a 6 three conservative court, particularly when you look at economic and economic freedom issues. Robert says to be more consistent with the other 5 conservative justices, a 6 three pro anti regulatory coalition. I think probably the court is going to come down and say that this is unconstitutional and it can't be done. But we'll have to wait and see this is going to be one of the first big tests of big government's power under the Biden administration. But a lot of the experts I'm talking to expect the court to either be 6 three 5 four saying that this doesn't exist in law the power to do this doesn't exist a mob and only Congress can bestow that power to the executive branch. You always pucker when you're talking about John Roberts because he

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