Chris Coles Sees Jon Favreau as a Shining Beacon of Hope in the Woke Culture Wars


So how do you feel? What are the prospects for something good happening in the culture war Chris? Well, here's the thing. I think that these things can not be forced. They just have to have a naturally. And I would say that look at something like The Mandalorian. They made they made Star Wars, Star Wars, the new Star Wars movies, which I just pretend didn't happen. But let's acknowledge the fact that they exist for a moment. They were just a disaster, right? And it was this leftist woke activism that ruined them. Then what's his name? Jon Favreau comes in, and he makes Mandalorian. Now, not a lot of people know about Jon Favreau. He was in the movie swingers when he was younger. Then he made the movie elf. The Christmas movie elf. And now he's done this Mandalorian. He's done a lot of stuff. He did he ended up creating essentially creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Iron Man. He made Iron Man. Right. And here's the thing a lot of people, I don't think know about John favreau. He has never stated his politics explicitly anywhere that I've seen. But based on who he's hired and based on how he writes, in my mind, he's clearly either a conservative or a strong libertarian. And nobody really knows that about him, but he's but he's been able to. But first off, but first off, he's a fanboy who loves and respects the legacy of the franchise or just a good story. It's not where it begins, Chris. Yeah, he's just a great filmmaker. He's a great storyteller. He knows how to do it. He's willing to ignore this woke ideology. And instead, just focus on making a good product. I think that you look back at films of the 80s and you say, oh, it's all white men. It's all masculine. It's got these terrible story. We've got to fix it. We've got to change it. But it's like these were successful for a reason and he looks back and he says, that was a great project. This was a great story. What can we learn from that? Instead of how do we reject it? How do we learn from it? And it goes and he produces things that people actually like and there's a reason why some of the best stuff coming out of Hollywood right now, if there is anything good, something like The Mandalorian comes out, it's because it's not something that rejects what has gone before, but it's something that embraces it, respects it and moves forward with new projects and that doesn't say, oh white men are evil and women are like the strongest characters in fiction. And he doesn't have to put all that stuff in. He can if it works for the story, but he doesn't for a woke

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