Rep. Kevin McCarthy: From Bakersfield to Washington


Know what makes Kevin Kevin. Where did you come from? Where did you get to to where you're at now? Well, you know, I'm from California, but it's not the part of California most people envision. It's a place called Bakersfield, California. And this is, if you ever read the grapes of wrath, this is the shantytown in that book. This is agriculture. It's energy, it's oil. It's we have a couple of military bases. And a couple people who are from Bakersfield, you might think of Merle Haggard, buck Owens. It's a little more Texas of California. And I grew up with a family. I was the youngest of three. My father and mother, my father worked two jobs. He was a fireman and he moved furniture on his days off. And when I got a high school, we didn't have great wealth. So I went to community college. And they instilled in me a work ethic. And I always had a job, but I remember I met this guy that owned a car dealers. He had a car dealer's license, but he ran a little convenience stores. And I'd pay him a $100 to take me to the car auctions in LA LA is like two hours away. And you had to be a dealer to go down there. And this is where it had a big fairgrounds where all the dealers would bring their trade ins. But you have to be a dealer to go. And I would go and I would buy and sell cars and I'd flip them to pay my way through college. Now, I know your attorney, I found out later it was illegal, but I didn't know why I was doing it. Thanks, statue, LeBron James probably run along. And, you know, when you're a community college on the weekends, what you do, you go get your friends who are away at college, right? So I had somebody my best friend was up at Stanford and some people have seen and had some good friends down San Diego state. So there's one Friday now I'm gonna go down to the weekend to San Diego state. So I go to the grocery store to cash a check, so I have some money for the weekend. An interesting thing happened. The day I'm there to catch a check the day before, the lottery started in California, not lotto but lottery. And so I'm cashing the check. I buy a lottery ticket and I won the lottery. The most you can win at the time is 1985, it's $5000. So you know he put yourself in my place. You're 20 years old. It's a Friday night. You just won $5000 and 85 money before the Biden inflation. And you end up like ten minutes from Tijuana, right? So I come back, I take my folks to dinner and I get my brother and sister each a hundred bucks and I take the majority rest of money and one thing you know about me I like to take risk. I put the majority rest in to one stock. And I did pretty well. I made 30% of my money in 6 weeks. And at the end of the next semester, I decided to take a break from school. I went out to try to buy a franchise, but no one would sell me one, but that didn't deter me. Another thing you learned is I never give up. So I opened up a deli. And there's three lessons I learned in all of my small businesses. You're the first to work, your last to leave in your last to be paid. And we were pretty successful. So at the end of almost two years, I now have enough money. I could pay my whole way through college and I wouldn't have to work. And as long as I went to Cal state, and nobody in my family at that moment had finished a four year degree so I sell my business, I'm going to college and I opened the newspaper and it said be a summer intern in Washington D.C. with my local congressman. Now I do not know this man, but I thought he'd be lucky to have me so I applied. And you know what he did? He turned me down. But you know at the end of the story is, I'm now elected to the seat. I could not get an internship for. Only in America

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