Dr. Anthony Fauci's Giant Golden Parachute


All right, I want to turn to another big story right now that we've been following on Trish Intel dot com, my website, and that is doctor Anthony Fauci's giant golden parachute. I mean, it's like the biggest ever. The largest golden parachute, the largest retirement in U.S. federal government history. In fact, Anthony Fauci is going to get more than $350,000. For his annual retirement, think about that. I mean, the guy never needs to work. He's had 55 years of service as a federal employee. He could retire today. Maybe he said, maybe that's the answer. Maybe we should say, hey, go take your $350,000 pension and go have a good day. Because you're kind of messing everything up. Constantly. I mean, one day it's this one day it's that one day it's this one day it's that and he's created tremendous confusion for which he really should be held responsible, but it's not just that what bugs me more than anything is the lying, the lying about what we did in terms of funding the Wuhan institute of virology in China. There are records of the U.S. taxpayer dollars about 600,000 of them and I don't care if it's just ten cents. I know some people are 600,000. No big deal. Well, you know what? It is a big deal, because it means that we played a role in the funding of this risky research, not only did we play a role, we tried to then say, oh, we didn't. And that's not we, that's Anthony Fauci, doctor Anthony Fauci, trying to cover up effectively. The role that the U.S. taxpayer had in funding the virology institute in Wuhan, that's not okay. It's not acceptable. But you know what? He's going to be sitting pretty, really, really pretty because he has, as I said, nearly $400,000 in his pension. You know, so he can retire and do nothing. 340,000 to 350,000 each year in federal retirement payments. That's according to Forbes dot com, which crunched some of these numbers. I mean,

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