Movies to Watch This Weekend


Okay. One minute, what else should we see? All right, I'll do rapid fire here. Because we haven't been on a couple of weeks. No. Avoid avoid the matrix resurrections. You know that from your tweets. Don't go see that not very good. It's on HBO Max. If you have to see it, watch it on HBO Max. Don't go to theaters. And waste your time and money there. There's a movie on Apple TV plus called swan song, which stars Maharashtra la Ali the two time Oscar winner. He's playing a kind of a double role himself and a clone of himself. The premise of the film, it's like a bit like a Black Mirror episode, the Netflix sci-fi speculative fiction series, but the premise is he's dying of a disease and transfers his memories into a new body. So his family will not lose him. It's very heartfelt touching and poignant. He is a great actor. It is worth watching for his acting performance. A bit of a downer. Don't go to that one. Don't go to that one expecting a real super uplifting thing, but very, very good. One more. One more. Licorice pizza, licorice pizza is in theaters everywhere now. The new one from Paul Thomas Anderson. I loved it quite a bit. I loved it. It's a little bit long. It's two and a half hours or so. It's a kind of a Shaggy dog. Yeah, let's talk about that next week instead of never Trump always Trump. We'll talk about licorice pizza in

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