The Russian Bear Is on the Prowl


There's a bear on the prowl in the Ukraine and it's the Russian bear. I was curious about this notion of the bear, symbolizing Russia, and apparently that goes back to the 16th century. It's something that predates communism. It continued that symbol during communism and in fact it represents also the Russian Federation now. Now you know that things are heating up, not just because the Russians have sent close to a 100,000 troops toward the re Ukraine border. They have done some you've seen, I've actually seen some video of Russian military jets landing at airfields at the Ukraine border. And perhaps the most troubling here's the New York Post U.S. embassy families to evacuate Ukraine as Russia tensions rise. They say that when there's a storm coming like the rats all go underground because they sort of know it's coming well. You can tell when the embassy is being cleared out. I mean, how familiar is this? And to me, it raises larger problems here. This is, yes, it's about the Ukraine. But it's also about China and Taiwan. It's also about the fact that when Democrats come to power, the world always seems to become a more dangerous place. I mean, think back, Jimmy Carter, the fall of Iran, think of Bill Clinton and the emboldening of bin Laden and the plotting of 9 11, not to mention the Arab Spring, which of course came later, but was in a sense motivated by the lassitude of the Clinton years. And then, and then under Obama, all kinds of chaos and all kinds of places. And now, of course,

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