Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey stepping down as CEO


Twitter Twitter co co founder founder Jack Jack Dorsey Dorsey is is stepping stepping down down as as CEO CEO Twitter Twitter share share prices prices rose rose on on the the news news that that CEO CEO Jack Jack Dorsey Dorsey is is leaving leaving his his post post effective effective today today the the social social media media platform platform which which has has over over two two hundred hundred million million active active daily daily users users will will now now be be led led by by Barack Barack Arbor Arbor while while Twitter's Twitter's chief chief technology technology officer officer since since twenty twenty seventeen seventeen in in a a letter letter to to employees employees tweeted tweeted from from his his account account Dorsey Dorsey said said it it was was his his decision decision to to leave leave the the company company where where he he has has had had various various lead lead roles roles for for sixteen sixteen years years and and then then he he was was really really sad sad yet yet really really happy happy he he wrote wrote that that his his trust trust in in the the new new chief chief executive executive runs runs bone bone deep deep and and that that for for all all the the talk talk of of the the importance importance of of a a company company being being founder founder lead lead the the idea idea is is severely severely limiting limiting Dorsey Dorsey says says he'll he'll leave leave the the company's company's board board when when his his term term expires expires in in may may of of next next year year after after helping helping with with the the transition transition Paul Paul Barrett Barrett with with the the NYU NYU stern stern center center for for business business and and human human rights rights says says Dorsey Dorsey leaves leaves behind behind a a mixed mixed legacy legacy a a platform platform that's that's useful useful and and potent potent for for quick quick communication communication but but one one that's that's been been exploited exploited by by a a range range of of bad bad actors actors I'm I'm Jennifer Jennifer king king

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