Sebastian and Charlie Kirk Discuss the Latest on Ukraine


He is the founder of the president of one of the most influential and important organizations in America turning point USA taking back our nation one high school one college campus at a time. Charlie, welcome. Doctor gorka great to be here. Thank you. So we had a kind of two minute grad school session in the break about my take on what's happening in Ukraine. I'm going to take my life in my hands and get your opinion about what should happen. You asked me what we should do. I'm actually just curious. I'm not an expert in that part of my advice that I doubt the senile old man in The White House will take, but if 1776 in masses, guess what? Ukrainians are also made in the image of God and they should be fighting. We should support them in their fight for liberty, not deploy the 82nd airborne, not our job. But NATO should be providing lethal assistance, meaning weapons and ammunitions to Ukraine so they can fight for themselves instead of the Taliban. Second thing NATO could do because of the PLS intelligence capability we have is provide intelligence to Ukraine on how to hurt Russia the most. So the next country invaded is a Poland or the LAT or Latvia or Lithuania. That's my concrete certificate advice. So I'm so busy running all over this place and I'm not like caught up to date. So I saw the map you showed me. What is the latest? I think your listeners would be interested to hear this. It seems like a full fledged invasion. So most commentators were expecting a small incremental increase beyond donets in Luhansk in the east. That's not what happened. For some reason, this man has gone totally for a full bore invasion, strategic bombers, strike attack aircraft taking out Ukrainian runways, even this shows you that the dementia of the cycle that's running the Kremlin. He has taken Chernobyl, which I understand is a Soviet symbol, but it's also a radioactive hunk of concrete. So capturing Chernobyl is not exactly strategic. It's kind of mythical, but it's not strategic. So no, this is a full scale

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