Caller: Biden Regime Is Setting up America for the Antichrist Reign


This government is a bunch of clowns. This is my humble opinion, Mike. So with Schwab and World Economic Forum and Soros and everything, I mean, I firmly believe that the Biden communist regime this is what I call, you know, purposely destroying our country in every way possible. Just set up for the enterprise range, and I know I'm jumping a little bit there, but you think that's not a little bit. That's a big leap. But a bit break, can I say something to you about that? I know a lot of people are going to get mad at you for saying that in this will come on, Brent. But this is no longer right versus left. This is good versus evil, Brett, right? I mean, we're feeling this spirit. There's a spiritual component to this. Oh, yeah. For sure. And I mean, look, I'm just a regular dude. I'm in a Christian, you know? But as far as Russia goes and Putin, just hearing you, a few minutes ago, say that something's wrong with them and I'm thinking cognitively is what you are learning to. But that 40 mile, all the tanks on a 40 mile bomb the hell out of them.

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