Doug Shares the Story of 'The Candle in the Forest'


To tell you the story of the candle in the forest, but simple Bailey. The small girl's mother was saying, the onions will be silver and the carrots will be gold. And the potatoes will be ivory, said the small girl and they laugh together. The small girl's mother had a big white bowl in her lap and she was cutting up vegetables. The onions were the hardest because she cried over them. But our tears will be pearls, said the small girl's mother, and they laughed at that and drive their eyes and found the carrots much easier and the potatoes easiest of all. Then the next door neighbor came in and said, what are you doing? We're making a vegetable pie for our Christmas dinner, the small girl's mother said. And the onions are silver and the carrots are gold and the potatoes are ivory said the small girl. I'm sure I do not know what you're talking about, said the next door neighbor, we're going to have turkey for dinner and cranberry and celery. The small girl laughed and clapped her hands. But we're going to have a Christmas pie and the onions will be silver and the carrots gold. You said that once, said the next door neighbor, and I should think you'd know that there weren't anything of the kind. But they are, said the little small girl, all shining eyes and rosy cheeks. Run along darling, said the small girl's mother. And fine poor pussy pour up. He's out in the cold, and you can put her on your red sweater and red cap. So the small girl hopped away like a happy Robin and the next door neighbor said she's old enough to know that onions aren't silver. But they are, said the small girl's mother. And carrots are gold and the potatoes are in the next door neighbor's face was flaming. If you say that again, I'll scream. It sounds silly to me. But it isn't. Really, in the least bit silly, the small girl's mother said, and her eyes were blue and sapphires. As clear as the sea, it is sensible. When people are poor, they have to make the most of little things, and the only we only have expensive things in our pie. But the onions will be silver and the lips of the next door neighbor were folded in a thin line. If you had acted like a sensible creature, I shouldn't have shouldn't have to ask you for the rent. The smaller girl's mother was silent for a moment. And then she said, I'm sorry. It ought to be sensible to make the best of things.

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