Mollie Hemingway: Democrats' Purpose Is to Intimidate People, Control How They Vote


They claim to care about democracy When they lose elections they attack the Electoral College They attack the Supreme Court in 2000 There is endless amounts of audio and video showing them challenging the election of Republican presidents from the floor of the house And bringing litigation Al Gore did that for weeks and weeks and weeks Also the Russia collusion as you point out and in 2020 isn't the effort here really to intimidate people so they can't even discuss 2020 2020 was apparently the only fraud free election we've ever had in American history with the least amount of rules and standards in place Isn't that amazing So that's the thing We all know that the 2020 election was unlike any election we've ever experienced that hundreds of laws and processes were changed throughout the country in the months leading up to the election to flood the zone with tens of millions of mail in ballots which we all agreed up until 2020 where the primary means by which fraud can occur And nobody talks about the actual weirdness of that election with the exception of there was that one Time Magazine article that came out that said and I quote there was a quote conspiracy by a well funded cabal of powerful people who worked to change rules and laws fear media coverage control the flow of information to create again a revolution in how people vote You know that if this was an election where people on the right had done this and that someone on the right had won this would be nonstop news coverage concern about rigging of elections and integrity of elections And yet they don't even talk about it at all when there are hundreds of things that they should be talking about There is a very legitimate reason why people are concerned about the integrity of our elections and the media and other Democrats don't want to talk about it because they want to keep the rigging going

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