'I'm so lucky': Elton John receives prestigious UK award


Elton John is a new member of an exclusive club in the UK prince Charles and only did Elton John is a member of the order of the companions of honor I felt very proud to be British I felt very blessed I'm very lucky it's one of the highest awards that can be bestowed by Queen Elizabeth it recognizes people who make a major contribution to the arts science medicine or government over a long period of time I had an amazing life it's music has been my life and I got this for music and to work for charity but seventy four year old Elton John is not thinking in the past tense I may not look as if I'm not a hundred percent fit but I'm not quite but I'm still having to go and I got a lot more work to do after his farewell tour ends in two years John has high expectations we want to try and end dates by two thousand thirty it is doable we have the medicines we have the where with Elton John had recent hip surgery and says he's full of beans full of zest I'm a Donahue

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