Biden Falsely Claims All Segregations Were Republicans


And listened to Joe Biden's speech in Georgia, the devil went down to Georgia and it was Biden railing about segregation. He's railing about the specter of segregationist George Wallace, the originator of the notorious phrase segregation now segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. And Biden left the clear impression that these segregationists could all be found in the Republican Party and his idea was let's not continue this horrible Republican tradition of segregation. A Biden didn't say all that, but he implied it. And he did name specifically the segregationist and he named Wallace, in particular, but what he didn't tell you is that the segregationists were his buddies. Biden earlier boasted that earlier in his career boasted that he knows these guys, they were great guys. He worked with them. He found common cause with them. They actually regarded him as as a kind of protege. So interestingly, all of this has now become a race, not just with Biden himself doing it, but with the media sort of colluding in it. And what Biden also didn't tell you is that the segregationists were Democrats, and this goes all the way back to the aftermath of the Civil War, the very people. The Brennan center has put out a long list of civil rights bills that were blocked by segregationists, but again, the Brennan center that's left wing organization doesn't tell you that those segregationists were Democrats. They were Democrats to the core. There's virtually one or two examples of a segregationist Democrat who became a Republican Strom Thurmond is an example of one who did, but when Thurman became a Republican he wasn't promoting segregation at all. Now what about George Wallace? Well, George Wallace was a Democrat. He was a segregationist. He briefed the left the Democratic Party to run as an independent, he thought it might be a better way for him to try to get to the presidency. But when that failed, interestingly he didn't become a Republican. He became he went right back to the Democratic Party. He stayed a Democrat until his death. So this is the point that you get the false teaching here and the false implication from the left that these segregationists became Republicans, and the fact of the matter is the vast vast majority of them stayed loyal Democrats right into the graves.

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