US, Allies Build Support for Ukraine


EU, now let's turn to the big news. The U.S. and the EU are close to agreeing on Russian financial sanctions. That's not enough. Emmanuel Macron calls for a deescalation of tensions that he prepares to speak to Vladimir Putin. That's not enough. That's from the telegraph, and The New York Times. Where is Germany and the Ukraine standoff, it's allies wonder. The United States and its NATO allies are moving to bulk up their military commitments in the Baltics and Eastern Europe as the standoff with Russia over Ukraine deepens rights Katherine Bennett. Denmark is sending fighter jets to Lithuania. Frigate to the Baltic Sea, France was offered to send troops to Romania. Spain is sending a frigate to the Black Sea, President Biden is thousands of U.S. troops on high alert. And then there is Germany. In recent date, Germany, Europe's largest richest democracy, strategically situated at the crossroads between eastern yes. West has stood out more for what it will not do than what it is doing. Germany is out. They've just left NATO behind.

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