Gordon Chang Discusses Chinese Propaganda of Olympic Proportions


And we're going to open the show with a very special guest I can think of none better to comment on that video clip than Gordon Chang. He is the author of the great U.S. China tech war, Gordon. Welcome back to America first. Thank you, doctor G. Thank you kindly good. Is it the propaganda flowing out of every faucet since the game's open? I expected it to be bad Gordon, but did you think it was going to be this bad? Yeah, no. I expected China to have a lot of propaganda. But NBC just sort of relaying this without comment or criticism really was wrong. Yes, China does see itself as a leader of the developing world, but a lot in the developing world will take Chinese money, but they're really upset. And if you're going to comment on China's assertion, then you need to be balanced and objective and NBC was neither of those when the opening ceremony comments. Let's just have Savannah Guthrie of NBC doing the work of the communist regime. This is captain play cuts. Oh wait, look at this movie. It's a statement from the Chinese president Xi Jinping to choose an athlete from the Uighur minority. It is an in your face response to those western nations including the U.S. who have called this Chinese treatment of that group genocide and diplomatically boycotted these games. Who have called it genocide because I guess it is in so choosing one Uighur Gordon to light the Olympic flame. I guess that means the millions being persecuted just magically disappear. Yes, well, what Beijing was saying was we are proud of our genocide and crimes against humanity. And we are going to shove it in your face as we heard in that

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