Black Americans see biased system in Rittenhouse verdict


The defense is celebrating its win in the acquittal of eighteen year old Kyle Rittenhouse but there have been mixed reactions to the verdict in Kenosha Wisconsin well written houses supporters were outside the courthouse cheering after the team was declared not guilty in two killings and the wounding of a third racial justice protester Brian Lesko was there from Los Angeles but the Reverend Jesse Jackson said it sends a signal it's open season on human rights demonstrators carrion Swarts boyfriend Joseph Rosen bomb was one of those killed and one person's life for two persons lives a matter that none of our lives matter is heard and W. I. S. N. T. V. there were comparisons to the treatment of Jacob lake a black man shot and paralyzed by police and Rittenhouse president Biden said he along with many Americans are feeling angry and concerned but I stand by what the jury has concluded former president trump congratulated Rittenhouse calling it a case of self defense I'm Jackie Quinn

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