Bret Baier Interviews Rep. Liz Cheney on Goals of Jan. 6 Committee


So last evening Brett Barrett Liz Cheney Liz Cheney will not come on this program And he asked her a couple of questions that I think is very important First cut 15 go But it sounds like congresswoman that the goal of the committee perhaps is to go after Trump's inner circle and prevent the former president from running for president again Is that a fair assessment of the goal No the goal of the committee is what I said We are a committee of Congress Our responsibility is legislative purpose to determine what laws we have in place but additional laws we might need to prevent an attack like that from ever happening again And we need to understand what happened We need to know what members of this body were doing what they were engaged in Of course she's a liar That's not really what she's trying to do Absolute liar for the reason that Bret baier focuses in on next Cut 16 go What about the security failure here The capitol police the architect of the capitol the Senate sergeant of arms have all turned over requested documents to the house administration's committee overlooking the security aspect The house sergeant arms has not Speaker Pelosi has said that the house sergeant of arms requested the National Guard passed a note There are open questions about the speakers involvement and interactions with the sergeant of arms during that time And yet chairman Thompson has announced on your committee that the speaker's office is off limits and that there's no call for those documents for the house charge of arms Why is that if it's designed to prevent something like this from not happening again Well look the committee itself is very focused on that issue We have an entire investigative team focused on the security failures that day focused on the response of

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