CDC Report: STDs Continue to Rise in the U.S.

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Number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the US has reached a record high a new report from the CDC counted two point four million cases of gonorrhea chlamydia and syphilis in twenty eighteen that's a hundred thousand more than the year before there's also been a spike in the rate of newborn deaths due to congenital syphilis Dr Elizabeth Tony is an epidemiologist of the CDC and she's one of several people who worked on this report Dr Welcome thank you and this trend has been going on for some years now but it looks like through your report that the Korea an syphilis which are three common sexually transmitted diseases combined more than two point four million infections were diagnosed in reported there were one thousand three hundred and six cases of congenital syphilis reported in two thousand eighteen which was forty percent increase in just one year can we talk about that Because that sounds serious congenital syphilis looks like a lot of these cases concentrated mostly in Sunbelt states like Florida Texas California Arizona's in Louisiana what does it mean is how dangerous is that to to an infant congenital syphilis is one of the most tragic consequences of this grind CD epidemic of the one thousand three hundred and six cases there were ninety four congenital syphilis related deaths all of these deaths were animal we have the tools to prevent congenital syphilis we just need to make sure that they're being implemented and taking urgent action to break the cycle of increases in STD's it states can we take a look at why this is happening your report suggests that the use of condoms is falling why would that be so we have data that suggests ever been those changes in behaviors what we do know is that there are opportunities to prevent the adverse consequences STD's all STD's are treated screening is so important to really halt this epidemic another issue is that there have been big cuts to STD programs around the country the CDC's half of local clinics have seen these cuts clinics have closed as a consequence less screening therefore is happening what's going on there why is that money dried up so we know that there's a number of factors that can affect how well programs are funded what I can say is that the consequence says of decreased funding can really affect the most vulnerable communities for many people who are at risk of STD's they don't have a medical home or they may not have medical insurance and those state and

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