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More years than I'd like to talk about and today she is responsible for marketing at emergence capital and emergence has invested in companies that have created over one hundred and fifty billion dollars in new value as measured by market cap companies like salesforce dot com and Zoom indications and by the way as a side known if you haven't heard the episode of follow your different with Eric you on the founder of Zoom Communications it's episode one oh three check that out it's fantastic eric is in inspiring entrepreneurs and vivid has amazing experience because she's worked both on the starter up NBC side you see she was responsible for marketing at Yarmur who is one of the pioneers in the Enterprise Social Space and she had senior marketing roles in other places like salesforce and Microsoft and also I want you to know that I've done business with give and continue to with her and her firm agents capital because I think she's awesome and I think they're doing great work so if you care about building legendary companies categories and brands I think you're GonNa love this conversation and pay special attention to the part where talks about what to do when.

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