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Uh-huh and Lebanon Donna Dan Narrow Ericsson Ericsson could be heading to the Santiago Bernabeu according to reports is the president of Real Madrid who wants him influencing oh Perez but Zidane's and not so keen he's the ones pull pumper said Peres is the only winner surely this scrap well except that we had in the summer and sit down one that time is it I'm was was adamant as you've just pointed out that it was poker that he wanted Rao Madrid in the in you know it was very difficult poker they'd lined up a couple of other deals one was was this WanNa call someone was debate from from from ax and there was a very clear sense from that right we want to bring them infielder in these two that we think we think can work exam was so adamant that had been cut in the end they didn't get any of those players so if for this story to reemerge for it's a to reemerge from cloudy it's because I've a foreign tino all the rest of the rights of decided we do this anyway all because Dan has backed down or calls because they've just decided right well we want to try and force the issue on this now there's a little bit of me that doesn't entirely see the point in this deal now ramage at the moment look at the squad lists in recent weeks admittedly because some injuries they actually put the squabbling they publish them Goalkeepers Defenders Field as forwards and his great big long list everywhere and a tiny little list in the midfield a category and so they do need midfielders in terms of numbers but what they really need in truth is another number ten stroke attacking midfielder stroke the creative forward they've got lots of those and so this is a deal I think that they want to make it done they want they want to get it done rather they know that this is a market entity because of course Ericsson because of his contractual situations burs would come very cheap but then of course in the summer he would come for free this is a reminder contract is up at the end of the season good enough for amateur Christian Harrison having been an important player over the years for Tottenham Hotspur maybe not quite as much lately but his mind I think it's been a bit scrambled by everything that's been going on wanted to go to row Madrid I think it's a pretty open secret in the summer it didn't happen I think they'd get him for something like thirty million pounds because of the situation with his contract in June okay so you could see that happening because you get the feeling Tottenham that something's got to give and they need to freshen things up so yeah I think for Madrid wanted enough it can happen you let him go in January savings you say okay let's get some money for him and move on well I think I think he's an he looks always kind of half choked Luke's is always not interested right and of course we know Daniel Levy lakes bringing money and so it seems to me that you would just let them go get some money and get rid of a body again and start building again does he fit into this team I think is a good enough play for Marie I don't think right now and he's in a position where you can just turn players away because there is a there are some areas in which you have to be concerned so injuries are part of the reality Real Madrid now whether it's aww Tony Cruz there's nobody who can take the position Okaz Amedeo but the point that sid is making makes a whole lot of sense in that that kind of player is not exactly what you need so you're just bringing them to make numbers up you're not bringing them because he's addressing a need an area in which you're saying you know what we have to have a player like this it doesn't quite make sense from that point of view in terms of the market value it makes a whole Lotta sense for rare Marie to invest in a guy who would have come at a much higher price he's in what it's going to be a discounted price in the end problematic sit could it be going forward the sedan doesn't get I don't know the answer to that because oversee is problematic now and there's he wanted paper into the side for the star this season as the season moves on and he starts to find solutions Nicole seen very good performance in the last from Federal Valverde who has some of pope was qualities not quite the same sort of player but he covers a lot of ground he's quite direct he gets into both Sierra so there is a sense that they're finding solutions that so I don't necessarily think if they can find an alternative poke the similar enough that have a similar kind of skill set a similar sort of level then perhaps it's not too much of a problem but it was a problem in the summer not Lisa because it that degree of tension between down the club there's IT and felt the club who had promise to get in the plaza wanted promise to get rid of the players that he wanted weren't able to do so now there's a difference between not being able to do so and refusing to do so which is why I think that those kind of problems can be overcome but of course there is that little bit of tension that still remains said as you're on and we need to talk about a story that we've discussed forty eight hours out front page of bail says he wants to go that he's had enough the reason this is a big deal obviously Bala Gate well linked within Spanish football well link within the Gareth Oh camp this is why you've got to take this story seriously and the big question I said why why now why is he coming out and saying this now considering all the summer very had all those problems he gets a standing ovation after his performance against Granada two days comes out and said that enough because you drop me in that champion's league game well that's that's a great way to start them because is if you read the printing of this article at it fits exactly we've your question don't police is bio- tyke no more and at that point because of the timing is you right yes I think he will he can take no more of being a starter in the team that's top of the League who's just provided a wonderful assist them being innovation by the fans this isn't the moment to be thinking I can take no more that said of course some of the underlying element of this story this really is no different from what we've been talking about going all the way back to August we talked about it in in the middle of September Knbr as well I think when we were saying that violence playing now he's in the team now he starting now he's getting continuity now but that doesn't mean he's playing remember that comment playing happily remember that comment he made when he was lost while Scott what was it three or four weeks ago and he said I'm playing but wouldn't sound playing happily and that is this in a nutshell now I think is very difficult at this early stage you say he will go because of course we saw this summer even if you want to go even if the club is trying to force you out you have to find an exit and the summer they didn't one until very late in the summer they found that opportunity to go to China thought it was all done and the last minute realm of turned around and said no and so I think is angry about that feels irritated by that and yeah I don't doubt for minute idea that well if there was a good while I'd take it but that's not quite the same and this will happen because it's very very difficult to make this happen and personally if I was able to go about your question the timing be thinking look I'm not very happy I'm not very pleased with the it may have a great relationship the manager but hey I'm a star now at wral Madrid again and so between now and the end the season I think a lot can happen that will so the way this plays

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