Hollywoods Next Big Beauty Trends According To Gloss Angeles Podcast


Also like on just jared when they had that she was at the Savino of she's the spokesperson there were like rare public appearance I'm like yeah she agreed to her one press pay maybe you're getting filler good filler is undetectable bro I don't know who actually on but she had wrinkles headlines on her forehead as an actress I think that that was like her one beauty skin regret was just like the fact that she used to think that you know be careful California gyro was being really I james retaining drops this is in her smart water uh she didn't really get into too many details it was you know an Vino breaking news you can't really name so she did say that she he's like Tina yeah that's like the big trend is these these infrared lights Bobby Brown has one yeah we learned yes read her you know you're rich when you can build the red SOx level I'm trying oh totally Shawny Darden before she opened her clinic she would do her that house and she has like all of them she is like the panels she's the masks and everything and she said sometimes she just like sits in front of it which it looks like a mirror you just like sit in front of me Oh yeah I mean on Hashes my next big investment is going to be like an led lights panel that I can just lay underneath falsely yeah yeah but it's a small it's just one that you lake lay under not move who makes it I can't remember out to look it up into roasts the makeup artist they were caught with like Haley Bieber and stuff like that she has an amazing youtube video about how she completely transformed skin with this led light panel but it was like two thousand dollars news at the recommendation of her aestheticians but she in bed like invested in she travels with it I have a separate suitcase for my led animal the best dedication wow that's amazing I'm like so curious you guys have been here for a week now what have you noticed is like different in terms of maybe treatments are taught to say that because we actually interviewed Shawny just the other day and she is so hooked up with all the rules and the gizmos to use at home and like she recommends them to her clients for in between sessions I feel like in our world it's less about that more or and more about just like comeback in come back in and just what you guys are talking about right now I think it's just at a different level in terms of like those gadgets and all about really high tech stuff that's one thing I'm noticing for sure and people are willing to invest actually commit to their health and they carve out the time to do it it's like an essential part of health grandma being whereas people like Silvio treatments I think a lot on the east coast is like relaxation or it's like going in there too got these results I just couldn't believe how shiny like we walked in it was all on her top shelf and she's like Oh no you need to do this one at home like this laser thing where Ya a lot mean I I feel like there's a little bit more skepticism as well maybe you know in New York and in Toronto like how much those things actually were totally but whereas it feels like what's the thing no I and we believe everything crystals on my face yeah absolutely oh my God don't get me I wrote about this here I might listen jade role whatever like then you're discharging yes I've been around too many by Beverly Hills uh of babies though because when there was like some super moon recently somebody sent me like eight thousand rose quartz and I was like what do even with the rents them and put them under the Sun Okay you're under the full moon well I tried but then where I live there was no direct full moon binds so I was telling my boyfriend we had to move so we can get Rexel we're we're maybe just by a full moon thank me all in I'm creating that product lab like the other thing interesting say that is the Aslam pair college it here they are taking that really seriously fake obviously yes words influence is so strong do you feel the non extensions or not a as big of a thing people got them but it's more like to fill out like that that Aslam pair that sort of started on the runway like last spring really trickled down here but more from ka-shing I'm sure you know how the function wearing that hair is always like this the thing is like y'all obviously can't see what I'm doing I'm sitting up really great with good posture and I'm taking my hand in like brushing underneath hair to get it out of my face like that's all they can do to get it out of base they can't talk it behind your ears because as much as you say that because I went to see ac musk graves two different times who I love Golden Hour a love her and she onstage I couldn't believe that's all she did on I and my friend was like Holy Shit she needs to take on her hair or get another wag or something needs another move cause she's wearing these like great jumpsuits like easing makeup and just every time it's like this influences ever not yeah right influential quarterly chronicle things like going to the bathroom cooking like obviously pull my hair can you hold my hair I would love to ask Casey Mass Graves Yada you sit on the pot the thing that you put your hair or maybe it's just takes it off the hair allies it shange holder Dolly Parton has that great line and they're like when people ask her how long it takes to do her hair she's just like I don't know I'm never there uh-huh Dolly Parton is a Saint Yeah I would I would love to get her on glossy yes we like my number one guest Kony so funny and I love one of my favorite quotes from her she's like you can call me down blonde but domino not blonde like a f- sure sure yeah so good okay so what's our next question well we both have similar backgrounds we were more in magazines and you guys were more digital also but I think like you guys go on press trips all the time in that right so what's the craziest thing that's ever happened or on a shoot let's start spelling Ah to feel the biggest difference between press trips for print and like press trips for digital especially now and the fact that we live in okay is that it's all like influence trips and then Carina will like get invited to a reliable launch trip because it's like there's such a big spectacle to it and it's so much fun yeah how ever I remember when benefit launched not brasler found her pro yeah broadcom toward pro it was like their pen with four different and and they had a big launch trip in Paris they invited us to but like six months before that they took him into long lead editors to Morocco to learn about

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