U.S. accused of abandoning Kurds to face Turkish onslaught


Card US troops are out of northern Syria and Turkish fighters are in and on the hunt for Kurds CBS is Charlie d'agata phase one of the Turkish onslaught has been even more intense and widespread than many feared Ricky steadfast partner in Syria now abandoned in on the receiving end of air strikes and artillery bombardment dozens of attacks across the Kurdish held region know where he's safe villages once held by ISIS until U. S. in Kurdish forces took them back now civilians here are once again running for their lives STF commanders we spoke to today say they feel like they were stabbed in the back by America and the Senate Maryland Democrat Chris van Hollen in South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham of cosponsored a bill that would punish Turkey for its invasion of northern Syria Graham told fox news the president needs to reverse course I would argue for him to go back to the status quo the safe zones for working patrolling with Turkey and international forces to protect the Kurds in Turkey is the way

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