Additional Charges in College-Admissions Cheating Scandal

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Errands in college admissions cheating scandal are now facing additional charges it off workplace series continues with a look at who speaks in meetings women who are not remembered for what they say are often the ones who have trouble getting promoted boss I of the thought trees this is what's news from the Wall Street Journal I'm Kim Get I'll send let's get started now are we take a closer look at the new charges facing some of the parents and the college admissions cheating scheme and why they were introduced. Here's what you missed diplomat Bill Taylor the acting. US Ambassador to Ukraine said in closed door testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday that President Trump made nearly four hundred million dollars in aid contingent on the Ukraine in President Investigating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden White House Press Secretary Stephanie Gresham said in a statement quote president trump has done nothing wrong there was no quid pro quo and we mentioned yesterday in our afternoon edition that Boris Johnson's Brexit plan passed a key hurdle the bill was approved by British lawmakers but that victory for Mister Johnson well it was short lived just minutes later lawmakers rejected his timetable for debating and formerly approving the bill that means that his goal of leaving the European Union by October thirty first is looking unlikely from London Jason Douglas has more on what happens next the first thing that we're waiting for is what the European Union says about an extension so Boris Johnson issue member had to request one another Europeans are going to decide exactly how long extension is on whatever they come back with kind of color what actually happens next so it expect them to simply do the UK requested which is graphic extension January thirty first probably with some wriggle-room that if you pass the deal sooner you can leave sooner and then bars Johnson says a choice either he goes for an election and I and I would winning a majority so that so that he can then pass the deal or tries to pass the deal I go into an election having said I did brexit Autumn will of course keep you updated on all the brexit twists and turns and two departures for you the first is Nike's long-term Chief Executive Mark Parker sure he'll step down in two thousand twenty after nearly fourteen years in the top job he'll be replaced by John Donahue who is a former Ebay chief executive we report that Mr Parker's departure marks a strategic shift for Nike it seemed strong sales but also been beset by a string of PR crises and Boeing's Commercial clean chief Kevin mcallister is also leaving it's the first high-level ouster from Boeing since the 737 Max crisis began Boeing reports its third quarter thanks today and analysts are expecting that will take more charges as a result of the crisis now our main story this morning it has to do with a new development and the college admissions cheating scandal a little over half thirty-five parents facing charges have played guilty but a new twist came late yesterday when prosecutors introduced new charges against eleven holdouts Charlie Turner has been finding out more from Melissa corn at the hearing and Boston Melissa Eleven parents who were allegedly involved in the nationwide college admission cheating scandal are facing additional charges what do prosecutors accused them of now so prosecutors have now added a charge for most of them regarding what's called Federal Graham Bribery essentially bribing an organization or a state or something like that that accepts at least ten thousand dollars in federal funds oh it's almost A quasi arm of the federal government so they can charge them at the federal level and this is as we say in addition to the original charges which I believe include honest services on services fraud conspiracy and money laundering conspiracy so they most of them now have three charges against them know who are some of the defendants some of them obvious Really high-profile right so more than half of the parents have now pleaded guilty but there are still sixteen out there that have pleaded not guilty and they include actress Laurie Lachlan fashion designer Massimo g a newly former T G growth head bill mcglashan and so definitely still some big bold faced names here from your Article Melissa I'm kind of wondering this have prosecutors sort of struggled at times to make a case with as you write that you know they struggled Oh identified damages and victims in the case I guess with regard to William Rick Singer talk about that right so the prosecutor say there's definitely a crime here it's just kind of hard to explain why so the idea that this is based on an honest services fraud that there's you know the the these people are depriving the companies the employers of their honest of on a services of their employees of the coaches and things like that by having these bribe arrangements tough sell it's a complicated charge and the Probation Office when compiling pre sentencing reports for some of the people who pleaded guilty didn't declared that there wasn't a clear financial loss for the victims and the prosecutors say the victims are the colleges and the testing agencies so one of the reasons that they might have added this chart which is it offers kind of an alternative way of looking at the alleged crimes in a way that the public potential jurors potential judges this can better understand and wrap their heads around. I get the impression that cheating or lying on a college application is not a crime in itself no but there are elements of it that can be crimes if you're taking financial aid if you're getting benefits of some sort from the school of any value then it's fraud going forward what kind of hurdles do the defendant face in this case it's a tough battle for some of the defendants some of the defendants attorneys are saying these were just donations made to the university he's through an intermediary these were not bribes and that's the Line of defense that they're taking there are a few different defense theories that are now moving forward that's probably the most common and yes schools do accept donations and in some cases give preferential treatment to the families of those who donated but it doesn't quite explain the alley prosecutors allegations regarding these fake athletic profiles and essays that had false references to these ethnic feats so that's a bit of a tough nut to swallow against these defendants against these defendants yes there are again a number of different defense approach says here but for these defendants it's it's certainly not an easy when there's a reason why a lot of parents did plead already lawyers for many of the

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