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Alan Robin, Joe Yep And Mister Flynn discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show


We're back Alan robin who went in there a fuse yes we've had we've had a candid discussion this is this is interesting trying to work back and forth you know with it's hard for people to understand we don't have a kill switch so that we can say something to each other and help each other out there in the broadcast like we usually could not hand signal is a lot lot of hand signal some not so nice that lesson was very but it's all this working out how to make this work yeah Hey we got an online let's talk in the morning and how you doing the morning Allen good morning robin good morning in I'm enjoying your show I am not a hunter but I many years about twenty years ago I worked in the town area and I live in the town area I had a really close encounter with a zero the other day driving down Charles street in the middle of the day of course I know with riding season right and I was driving and out of nowhere because I was moving and she was so young Joe yep of laughter right before I even knew what she was in front of my car that's the first ice are likely I swerved to the left she kept on running to the right and I just Mister Flynn nineteen it was amazing and I grain yeah we we had a we had a terrible accident go head had been hit by our I had hit a deer yes still in Charles street oddly enough not too far from the same area and of course there's a lot of what's around there and that time I did hit the flank of a deer and it ran bounded back across the highway in into the woods I never knew whether it lived or what but it least it was still running but yeah is this really interesting and I work with hunters fall I work in the Towson area sure and I course after these two encounters I'm very very anxious not to hit anything and the other night our estimates of what can you do is there anything you can do while you're driving to hear the deer because the headlights obviously don't do I know they don't and this one hunter said while you're driving down the road if you're not right in back of anybody honk your horn every few seconds have you heard that before yeah I'm.

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Alan Robin, Joe Yep And Mister Flynn discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show

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