Lori Loughlin likely taking Felicity Huffman route, copping plea in college admissions scandal


Let's I get into some social justice issues Felicity Huffman has been released from prison after only eleven days okay wow see we can finally exhale league release the last owner I did too and I would have it way weird it went from fourteen days to then they're like she'll probably do thirteen to like then eleven she must have been really well behaved in there with her new balances on it's just a colossal waste of money incarcerator well if you're going to do it for the Senate like a real person but the to me the symbol Alec thing that this was right really yeah you can't do this you like this made her cooler yeah honestly given her some restorative justice I would love to see her play like an aggressive amount of money like you know six hundred thousand dollars some but it needs to go directly to underprivileged into actually cannot afford college but can't get in with the pell grant but we don't know where her fine goes and and her jail time does nothing for society oh I think that's not pay for her whole thing do you know what I mean that pays for the cost of incarcerated which then just makes what prisons rich well somebody Investors Industry Invest Laurie Laughlin on the other hand she got hit with additional counts of bribery. Somehow cheering against her. Listen Laurie you fucked up as I I met Lori Loughlin right before this happened like before the operation had this but I was out having lunch with my lawyers and one of my listeners really big dog she walked up to so carefree white woman starts playing with the dog and it was like hey what's up guys just chatting with us she looks great skin looks great look so young I'm like Damn I guess she is gamed like like ten years in age since all this should drop is looking to one you saw that day to the photos you see now crime visor on yes she's the skin started to crack distress hit and I think that she really was living this life like I mean I am a beloved rich white lady on about the jail but she did that flex to openly was to open I seem flex they've got this ain't going to jail while I will watch it is it is to me it's pretty wild eighty syndrome is what it is yeah that's what she what I call it in what's happening she never had stress in her whole lot none and she's head Oh house money forever and Mossy Moser Mary's Mossy Mo and as well you don't think my money Anna Oh maximal got pulled from tar yeah okay we're in target so I'm good with money for a little bit 'cause I had all of them close and all them name was on the back of every middle-class housewives jacket for decades but I met her to this like before this happened and a USC game in the tailgate like rich She was she's glowing glow my God and I was like I was the same way I was like man this is a very attractive woman you have no stress none none Aniston look like that too yes yes because she's aware of what she has in the back for this backfire of that is you never faced stress ever so you don't know how to handle it you don't know mouth shut off when she said not guilty that first time I was like I guarantee the her her lawyers are like we're gonna I mean thanks for the extra money but you're we gave you advice no I think her lawyers may have been confirmed in her own bias in the beginning like I mean who are retired every time she walks in the room that song sounds like money can buy those the publicity from working with her and getting her off or nothing and when she went insane not guilty they were like no you made this so much harder for us and also to she is still refusing to take a plea deal and they're like and the prosecutor he sang you're the fucking book trying to do this you will be under- The jail we were trying to be nice but look what's that prison sentence GonNa be with the sixteen days also she keeps sitting button the fake money laundering for the fake charity. You tell me you don't know felicity you never saw her I wanted to make Australia events where I wrote checks to the charity that don't exist she went out here which one which she wrote a letter that was like look I'm so sorry my dog is sorry everybody my family sorry like why didn't you follow her lead also another rich white woman I guess she was probably like cute and like she had to keep getting jobs after my shows are done felicity was like I know how to act right but I wonder you know I mean that'll that'll be a messy petty episode where we dig up their bank receipts and figure out who's the one who's lifestyle is Mossy more or does have hallmark money that that's that thick and strong she's got she's got full house now we'll house but I'm curious no really today what's that full house residual check look like this syndication for I guess we haven't heard from Dave as ass they never have to do anything ever again why was awful and then she married a dude that doesn't after do anything and then they put that don't have to do anything money next to each other and then they made a beige anything and then they him to school right that girl was on like what like somebody who worked at USC I just wanted to get turned up and go to the drugs CARA scars whatever they she did give like that listened to that story about the guy who did all the stuff that got them in the schools they paid so much more money the Laughlin did oh yeah yeah so many more people like crazy and that's what makes me think that they have that kind of Q. Money whereas like I was just give them half a million dollars and we'll get them in happy enough and they're like oh ask for thirty K. dudes like what into US mother legacy yes yes that's all just doe school but it's not having to get in and then still pay tuition good but that's where a lot of the risk conservatives meet each other when they're younger and go on to do business bigger watering holes for that but if people were to send their kids who aren't worth Oh I think she and I could make between the two of us we understand how the world works different way she working in the the office in emissions counselor at the University of Pittsburgh sounds like a lie and it could be I don't know 'cause this is excellent would you it's only alive if you don't believe exactly

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