Duterte Dares Philippine Opposition Leader to Run His Drug War


The president of the Philippines Rodriguez attack today is also his deputy to take over his controversial campaign against drug traffickers Mr detail for to create the role of drugs often any Robredo's she's been a face critic of his policy from Manila his how Johnson president the turkeys offered to take control of his war on drugs came about talk to Mr Bredow said he's anti drug campaign was obviously not working the vice president has yet to confirm if she will accept Mister the turkeys challenge but has said the president would not have offered her the role on this the drug war was a failure since Mr to touch he came to power in June twenty sixteen thousands of alleged drug users and dealers have been killed during police operations human rights groups say many of the killings was summary executions with no regard for G. process by on smoking in restaurants and bonuses come into force in Austria quarter of Austrians over the age of fifteen smoke daily of Vienna correspondent Bethany bell reports of two years of controversy Austria has banned smoking in restaurants cafes and balls doctors say the longer the do you move paves the way for new here and health the country had been on the verge of bringing in the type of band last year but the plans were overturned because of pressure from the far right Freedom policy which was part of the last government the former head of the Freedom Party heights Christian Schlosser himself a smoker all do the people should have freedom of choice North Korea says it successfully conducted another test of super launch multiple rocket launchers the north Korean news agency said the test to verify that the rocket launches were able to totally destroy a group of targets the United States has imposed sanctions on

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